EGGSENTIAL PRODUCTS are made with real eggs and egg whites and is therefore perishable. The products of EGGSENTIAL are double pasteurised, homogenised and are as natural as they can be, thus likely to perish if kept for long at room temperature or hotter temperatures. To minimise issues you might have, please be sure that the product is stored in a freezer or fridge below 4 degree Celsius as soon as possible, after receiving your package. This will ensure that your product stays fresh.


The shelf life of any product of EGGSENTIAL is generally 3 months if kept frozen and 2 weeks if kept refrigerated below 4 degree Celsius.


Because of their perishable nature we can only guarantee their freshness beyond 14 days, if they are kept refrigerated below 4 degree Celsius or upto 3 months when they are frozen as directed.


Detailed storing instructions are printed on each product of EGGSENTIAL. In case of any doubt please refer to the same. In case of any further queries, please feel free to contact us.


Keeping in mind the discussed nature of EGGSENTIAL products, we will deliver the said products to you in frozen form and you are further expected to store as discussed above, for best results and least wastage.


You are further requested to spread the storage instructions to your entire workforce dealing with the storing and shipping of EGGSENTIAL products. We will also be very grateful if the same is also verbally communicated by you to the end user.


Due to any reasons as listed in this document or otherwise (at the discretion of the EGGSENTIAL Team) products can be returned back to EGGSENTIAL, provided pertinent conditions are fulfilled.


All returns will be taken back by EGGSENTIAL representative at their own cost (except in certain rare cases).


In case the EGGSENTIAL representative is unable to collect back the returns for any genuine reasons, you may return it back to us through the shipping agency as mutually decided, or through any of your representative. The cost of shipping back the returns will be reimbursed to you as soon as possible.


Please do not try to ship products back to us without contacting us first.


In case of Returns, you may either choose to be refunded or ask for replacement.


WE CANNOT PROCESS RETURNS FOR PRODUCTS THAT WERE PURCHASED THROUGH A THIRD PARTY DISTRIBUTOR OR RETAILER. Please contact the distributor/retailer whom the purchase was made through, for information on their return policy.

No return will be accepted if original invoice of the purchase is not shown with the return.




If you wish to cancel an order, you will need to either Email/SMS us, or Call us.  We will make every attempt to hold your order. Any order that is cancelled after it leaves our facility will be taken back by us, provided you keep the products safely as per their storing directions without causing any damage to the product.